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Protect Your Rights Before And After Your Marriage

Many love-struck couples have difficulty distinguishing between romance and reality as their weddings approach. Marriage is a business arrangement too — both parties have rights that must be protected if the union ends, and child access as well as marital assets are in play.

Whether your legal need is an airtight prenuptial agreement to cover any contingency, the review of an existing prenup that you have doubts about or a postnuptial agreement that sets the stage for a legal separation or divorce — the sound family law guidance you’re seeking is available right now at the Law Office of Janice Munoz.

Premarital Agreements Are The Smart Way To Prepare For Marriage

Janice Munoz uses her nearly two decades of experience as an attorney to advise you on the enforceability of any marriage- or divorce-related document and guide you to your goals.

Ms. Munoz also excels at drafting new prenuptial and postnuptial agreements and at aggressively safeguarding clients’ interests in court when ownership of significant assets and property are at stake after a marriage has ended.

Our versatile family lawyer advocates for a diverse, upscale clientele in Redondo Beach, Torrance and throughout Southern California. If you are an aerospace engineer, business owner or successful self-employed and licensed professional with urgent legal needs regarding an imminent marriage or divorce, Janice Munoz can help.

Protecting Your Financial And Personal Concerns

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