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Experienced Representation For Your High-Asset Divorce

Professional and business success can cause big problems when a high net worth divorce interrupts your personal life.

You have rights that must be protected when your financial investment in your marriage is at stake — and the experienced divorce lawyer who safeguards those interests in Southern California is Janice Munoz, at the Law Office of Janice Munoz.

Qualified To Address Your Asset Division Concerns

Ms. Munoz provides the benefits of proven legal skills, sound guidance, solid support and personal service to a diverse, upscale corporate clientele.

Her MBA degree, business background, financial expertise, access to forensic accountants — and the fact that she is a business owner in her own right — give her special insights as to whether you are being taken advantage of, during property division discussions.

These unique credentials are important to high-asset divorce clients ranging from aerospace engineers to tech professionals, business owners, the self-employed and real estate executives in Southern California.

As your high-asset divorce attorney, she places special focus on complex property division of extensive, significant assets, including stocks and bonds, retirement benefits and business valuation; child custody and visitation; child support and spousal support; careful review of your prenuptial agreement as it pertains to holdings you are defending; and many more.

Helping You Through The Contentious Issues During A High-Asset Divorce

Are you being accused of hiding assets in other people’s names or in offshore accounts? Are you prepared to commit to lengthy litigation if necessary to produce an outcome you can live with? Are you worried about the potentially negative emotional impact of a courtroom battle on your children?

We invite you to bring all questions and concerns to your free phone consultation with Janice Munoz. While based in Redondo Beach, we also work with clients in Torrance and across Southern California. Reach us at 310-870-1093 or by email. We welcome the opportunity to help you in any way we can.