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Sound Legal Guidance For Complex Property Division Matters

An equitable distribution of marital assets, property, tax liability and debts is always the ideal when a marriage ends — but rarely the reality during a high-asset divorce.

Are your goals for continued ownership of real estate and business shares being ignored during property division discussions in your high net worth divorce?

Do you suspect your spouse of concealing hidden assets that only a forensic account will be able to uncover?

Have you become resigned to resorting to costly, lengthy litigation to get the favorable outcome you need to move on with your life?

In Redondo Beach, Torrance and across Southern California, the experienced high-asset divorce and family law firm that protects your rights is the Law Office of Janice Munoz.

Bringing A Wide Variety Of Experience To Complex Property Division Matters

Complex property division attorney Janice Munoz‘s quality legal services, crafted during 13 years of successful service to client families, are designed to help you keep your fair share of marital assets and property such as:

  • Real estate — primary, secondary, vacation and retirement residences
  • Stocks and bonds
  • Retirement benefits and 401(k)s
  • Deferred income
  • Business valuation of closely held, family-owned companies
  • Motor vehicles and private aircraft
  • Collectibles, family heirlooms and memberships

Throughout the legal process, Ms. Munoz investigates, aggressively advocates and updates you at every stage of mediation, negotiations and litigation if needed. She recognizes, respects and responds to every aspect of your unique situation. When your work together has concluded, you will know that your legal affairs have been capably, professionally handled.

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