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Advocating For Your Child Custody And Visitation Goals

When a couple is going through a contested or high-asset divorce, one of their biggest concerns is typically about the all-time red-flag issue of child custody and visitation — appropriate levels of child access, a noncustodial co-parent’s availability for it, consistent schedules that serve “the best interests of the child” and others.

These understandable concerns can mushroom into contentious, divisive issues requiring expensive litigation, unless an experienced divorce and family law attorney is in charge of the case.

In Redondo Beach, Torrance and throughout Southern California, the skilled lawyer whose guidance can make a positive difference in your life — and your child’s — is Janice Munoz.

The Law Office of Janice Munoz has helped people just like you for 13 years — clients ranging from aerospace engineers to self-employed, licensed professionals, to business owners and real estate executives. We welcome the opportunity to attentively assist you, as well, with solutions for your child custody and visitation goals.

Honest Answers To Your Questions And Comfort For Your Concerns

Unless a couple’s differences are mediated amicably, total strangers in a family courtroom will have to decide the outcome. Will the court automatically grant custody to the mother? What if you don’t want to see your children only on weekends? Should you pursue 50-50 custody?

And after your divorce, who determines changes to parental rights in the event of a “move-away” (parental relocation)? Solid legal representation of your interests is essential.

During your free initial consultation with experienced child custody attorney Janice Munoz, everything you say will be listened to intently and responded to honestly. Our attorney then explains how the process in California works, what the law allows, what judges do and what affect they could have on your situation and objectives. Ms. Munoz has extensive knowledge of the law surrounding both litigation and mediation — and has seen it all.

Put Experience To Work For You

We want you to be able to walk away with a better understanding of the law and your options. Contact us today at 310-870-1093 for a free phone consultation.