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Experienced Advocacy Regarding Your Alimony And Spousal Support Goals

Levels of spousal support owed after a divorce are dependent on several factors that courts examine.

If you are unclear as to alimony amounts you will owe or be owed, you can get the facts you need at the Law Office of Janice Munoz.

Skilled divorce and family law attorney Janice Munoz brings 13 years of experience as a lawyer, and a recognized track record of success, to the pursuit of your alimony goals — and how they can fit your budget. Her law firm assists a diverse clientele that includes families of aerospace engineers, licensed professionals, business owners and many more in Southern California.

Recognizing Your Financial And Emotional Struggles

Unlike child support requirements, permanent spousal support in our state isn’t determined by an income-based calculation.

Courts take into consideration several factors when making a decision, such as:

  • Each party’s present and future earning capacity
  • Length of the marriage that is ending
  • The age and health of the parties

Since every situation is different, simply providing an amount for your circumstance isn’t feasible. As your spousal support attorney, Janice Munoz can offer a preliminary estimate of the amount of spousal support you will owe or be owed on a regular basis, so you can proactively set budget expectations.

Contact A Seasoned Family Law Attorney

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