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Cryptocurrency can make property division difficult

In divorce, the outcome of a property division quarrel can make all the difference in one's post-divorce financial standing. Oftentimes, California couples turn to their houses, retirement accounts, and personal possessions when negotiating and litigating a division that is fair. Although some spouses attempt to hide assets by opening up new bank accounts and even buying property unbeknownst to their spouse, there is another way that assets are being hidden that could be even more difficult to find: cryptocurrency.

Artwork can become the focus of complex property division

There are many elements of a divorce, any of which can be a sticking point for the parties involved. Although many California couples find themselves bickering over all family law issues, a significant number find themselves focusing on one issue, such as child custody or alimony. Property division, though, can be one of the most difficult issues to ensure is dealt with fairly. After all, the way that property is divided may reshape one's life post-divorce.

Competent representation needed in property division matters

Although many consider divorce to be the end of one part of an individual's life, it is also the beginning of a new chapter. With that in mind, those going through marriage dissolution need to ensure that they adequately plan for their post-divorce life. This usually begins when the divorce petition is filed, at the latest. Important family law matters like alimony, child custody, and child support can play an integral role in this planning, but property division may be the biggest hurdle to those confronting a high-asset divorce.

Dividing debt through divorce

There is a lot to consider when a couple decides to get a divorce. For example, he or she must figure out how a child custody arrangement may affect his or her time and relationship with his or her child. Another major consideration of marriage dissolution is property division. Although many Californians think of this process as merely equally dividing marital assets amongst the parties, this isn't the case.

California family law firm helping address property divsion

Marriage dissolution can leave a California resident with a whole host of emotions. He or she may be sad that a once strong relationship is coming to an end, heartbroken that a family unit is being disbanded, angry that one spouse has acted unfairly, and frustrated that the divorce process is not as easy as it should be. However, there are usually good reasons to have these emotions. Parents love their children, so they are crushed when the other parent seeks sole custody. An individual who worked hard to help build family wealth can be mad when the other party tries to take an unfair cut of the assets.

How inheritances can become marital property

In addition to being a time of emotional turmoil, divorce can also leave one on a financial precipice. For this reason, property division can be an extremely important and hotly contested divorce issue. Although many of these issues can be resolved through settlement negotiations, sometimes the matter is heard before a judge. Regardless of how one approaches marriage dissolution, though, he or she will need to know the law and how it applies to their situation in order to proceed in a way that protects their best interest.

Property and divorce in California

Divorce does not just mean separating from your spouse, it also means potentially separating from your property. After more than twenty years of marriage, you and your husband have built a substantial portfolio that includes stocks, bonds, retirement accounts and real estate. Now that you are considering divorce, you worry about what will happened to what you consider to be your share of the marital property.


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