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Knowing about hearsay can be important in family law

Family relationships and divorces can run the gamut when it comes to amicability. Some couples are able to fairly resolve their issues on their own with little or no help from an attorney. Others, though, can barely look at one another, let alone talk about important family law issues like property division and child custody. For these individuals, the assistance of a qualified attorney can be extremely beneficial. There are many reasons why, but this week we will look at one in particular: the ability to handle hearsay matters.

Surrogacy basics and the need for a contract

Many Californians find themselves wanting a family but without the biological means to do so. Whether this involves a same-sex couple, a single individual, or a couple that is suffering from fertility problems, these individuals may be able to find a solution through surrogacy. Surrogacy occurs when a woman agrees to carry a child to term for another individual or couple with the expectation that that individual or couple will assume the role/s of the child's legal parent/s.

Cohabitation agreement may ease property division disputes

Over the last couple of decades, divorce rates seem to be declining. With millennials coming of age, many of them have chosen to put marriage on the back burner to allow them the time and energy to focus on their careers. Yet, even those Redondo residents who aren't married can find themselves facing significant family law issues. This often occurs when a couple has been living together for a significant period of time without getting married.

What is an annulment and what are its effects?

We've spent a lot of time on this blog discussing various divorce legal issues. These matters can be difficult to deal with, and the ramifications of their outcomes can be far-reaching. Oftentimes, those who are subjected to adverse divorce judgments can suffer emotional and financial losses, both of which can be difficult to overcome post-divorce. For some Californians, though, avoiding having to deal with these matters may be a possibility.

California family law strategy

In the lives of California residents, divorce can be a pivotal moment. Deciding to divorce can be one of the biggest decisions they will ever make. Although it can be, at times, a scary prospect -- there may be many unknowns when it comes to divorce -- it can also be a positive development. After all, no one in a marriage that is going really well would decide to divorce. Usually, spouses will give it an honest try before deciding to split up permanently.


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