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Divorce can have a significant impact on one's credit

For many Californians, the financial impact a divorce can have on their lives is their number one concern. Property division, for example, may leave them feeling like they got cheated out of the assets to which they felt entitled, and alimony and child support can take a monthly toll for years to come. Although each of these issues needs to be dealt with in its own fashion, there is another financial matter related to divorce that should be considered even before a petition is filed: one's credit.

Collaborative divorce may assist in reaching fair resolution

When many people think of divorce they picture heated arguments over everything from property division to child custody and spousal support. Though some divorce cases wind up proceeding to litigation, the reality is that the vast majority of marriage dissolutions are settled through negotiations. This, of course, does not mean that there are not heated arguments. For these individuals, though, the matter can be more challenging. Those Redondo Beach residents who are able to have calm and reasonable conversations with their soon-to-be ex-spouse may want to consider a collaborative divorce, as it can ensure a fair and favorable resolution without the headache of months of conflict.

Redondo Beach firm provides thorough divorce advocacy

When going through a divorce, Californians should recognize that their personal lives are considered fair game as evidence that pertains to certain family law matters. One's substance abuse problem, for example, may be critical to a child custody determination. Likewise, one's financial situation can become key when negotiating or litigating child support and alimony. In today's world, where a significant part of our living occurs online, digital evidence is becoming more prevalent in divorce courts.

Digital spying may impact divorce

For most Californians, privacy is of the utmost importance. Even though this may be the case, our privacy may be threatened more today than it ever has before. This can have serious implications for those going through a divorce. More specifically, individuals who are contemplating divorce or currently going through the process need to be careful and take extra steps to ensure that they are not being digitally spied upon.

How can I get out of a prenuptial agreement?

If you are thinking about getting married, then you no doubt have a lot on your mind. You might be concerned about the ceremony itself, the honeymoon afterwards, and how to pay for it all. Yet, if you have significant assets going into a marriage, then you might also find yourself worried about how to protect your financial interests. Many Californians choose to enter into a prenuptial agreement as a way to settle potential divorce legal issues prior to marriage, but sometimes it might behoove you to try to get out of the agreement at some point after its execution.

Millennial divorces may be seen in a different light

As the definition of marriage continues to change over time, so, too, does the way that couples divorce. Oftentimes, these differences fall along generational lines. Generally speaking, many view the millennial generation as less loyal to their significant others than older generations. Some experts point to the fact that only about a quarter of all millennials are married as evidence of this point. Regardless of whether this fact is true, it still remains that those millennials who decide to get married and/or divorced need to find a way to go about it in the matter best suited to their circumstances.

Disconnect in perception of marital tension may indicate divorce

It's not uncommon for relationships to sour. In fact, a significant number of marriages end in divorce. Statistics regarding the frequency of divorce are abundant, but it has been a little more difficult for researchers to pinpoint why, exactly, divorce occurs. One recently released study hoped to shine light on the subject.

What should I do after receiving a divorce petition?

Being served with a divorce petition can leave some Californians feeling like they've been hit by a wall of concrete. For others, a divorce filing is no surprise, and it may even be expected. Regardless of how an individual feels about being served with divorce papers, he or she must still figure out how to confront pertinent family law issues. The first step, though, before jumping into property division, child custody, child support, and alimony matters, is to figure out how best to respond to the petition.

Study suggests divorce may be genetic in nature

Divorce can occur for any number of reasons, but many times people claim that they have fallen out of love with their partner. Whether this falling out is evidenced by other issues, such as infidelity or withdrawal from one another, varies from couple-to-couple. California residents will be surprised to learn that one recent study suggests that this falling out may not be case. Instead, the study suggests, divorce may be genetic.

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