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Rudy Giuliani and wife heading toward divorce

Divorce can affect everyone. Although the specific circumstances faced by each couple is unique, many couples wind up facing similar legal issues. Generally speaking, all parties will need to address some combination of property division, child custody and child support. Other couples will also have to deal with spousal support issues. The more assets that are involved, the more complicated the divorce. Therefore, those individuals who have significant assets and/or debts may want to speak with an experienced family law attorney to figure out how best to approach their situation.

This is certainly the case for Rudy Giuliani and his third wife, Judith Giuliani. Recently, the couple of 15 years announced that they would be getting divorced. Although Rudy Giuliani claims that the couple is hoping to end their marriage amicably, records show that Judith Giuliani filed for a contested divorce, meaning that many of those issues mentioned above will be argued in court before a judge.

Here, the legal arguments are likely to surround property division and alimony. The couple owns several properties in New York City and Palm Beach, Florida and it's no secret that Giuliani's time as New York City mayor and his business dealings since have left him well-off. Therefore, if Judith had given up her own career or education to support Rudy, then she may have a strong case for significant alimony to support the lifestyle to which she has become accustomed.

While many divorce cases can be resolved through negotiations, sometimes they wind up in litigation, especially when the parties are unable to effectively communicate with one another. Regardless of the direction a case takes, those involved in marriage dissolution need to make sure that they are protecting their best interests. Far too often people either give up things they are entitled to or fail to aggressively fight for what they deserve out of fear that they will appear difficult or the matter will be prolonged. An aggressive attorney, though, can help an individual develop a strategy that seeks to protect one's rights while expediting the process as much as possible. Hopefully, then an individual can start a new chapter of his or her life on the best footing possible under the circumstances.

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