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A parenting agreement could save you time, reduce stress

Going through a divorce is sure to change your life in many ways, especially if you have had a child with the other person.

While things are sure to get complicated along the way, you don't have to let your current issues drag into the future.

To help ensure co-parenting success, you'll need a well-tailored parenting arrangement. One way this could be reached is through a parenting agreement. Once this is in place, you may feel much better about your ability to raise your child moving forward.

As you negotiate and resolve issues regarding child custody, your parenting agreement may come into form. There is a lot to consider along the way, so make sure you know what you can and can't include in this type of agreement.

Here are some of the most common details that a parenting agreement will cover:

  • Which parent has physical custody
  • Which parent has legal custody (this could be both individuals)
  • A sound visitation schedule for the non-custodial parent
  • Guidelines as to how contact with extended family will work in the future
  • Details regarding where the child will spend holidays, birthdays, vacations and any other special events

Since you can customize a parenting agreement to suit your personal situation, don't feel like you have to stop with these details. There are many other things you can work into the agreement, as long as you and your ex-spouse can settle on a compromise.

What about the court?

One thing you may find nice about a parenting agreement is that you can work through this in mediation or other out-of court routes. This could help you keep things out of the courts, which can have the potential to save time and money.

Once the parenting agreement is ready to go, it is will generally then be submitted family law judge for final approval. As long as everything checks out, the agreement will become active and both individuals will hopefully know their rights in regard to raising their child.

It's not always easy to work through the details of a parenting agreement, but moving forward one step at a time can allow you to eventually reach the end of the process.

When you know what you want and understand your legal rights, you may be able to create a parenting agreement that will save you time and reduce your stress level now and as you begin this new chapter.

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