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January 2018 Archives

Child custody and the primary caretaker

For many Californians who are going through a divorce or a breakup, their future relationship with their children is their top priority. Although many couples are able to end their relationships amicably, thereby allowing each parent to play a pivotal role in their children's upbringing, sometimes the matter isn't so easily resolved. In fact, many times child custody disputes are the most hotly contested issue in family law. Therefore, those considering a divorce or a split with a significant other need to understand what they need to show to a judge in order to protect their rights.

Modifying spousal support in California

Although many Californians see marriage as a way to proclaim their love for their spouse, undertaking such an act also has financial ramifications. Absent a prenuptial agreement, spouses agree to share their finances. While this may make paying bills during marriage simple, and one's standard of living may increase significantly, that can all come crashing down if the relationship ends in divorce. Of course, through the divorce process an individual can seek compensation that makes the split more equitable. This often takes the form of alimony, which we have discussed previously on the blog.

Digital spying may impact divorce

For most Californians, privacy is of the utmost importance. Even though this may be the case, our privacy may be threatened more today than it ever has before. This can have serious implications for those going through a divorce. More specifically, individuals who are contemplating divorce or currently going through the process need to be careful and take extra steps to ensure that they are not being digitally spied upon.

Man claims he lost child custody due to military service

Family law matters can be extremely complicated. Some people may think that a divorce simply results in joint custody agreements, an equal division of property, and the nonpayment of alimony, the truth of the matter is far different. Many couples wind up battling for sole custody rights, equitable but not even division of property and debts, and significant amounts of alimony and child support.


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