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Your California divorce will take time, be prepared

The time that it takes to get married is much faster than the time it takes to get a divorce. When you are ready to end your marriage, you are likely going to take steps to make it happen as quickly as possible. One thing you shouldn't think is that you will be able to divorce instantly.

There are several things that might make your divorce take longer than what you hope it would. You must take these into consideration when you are ready to legally end your union.

The emotional connection

The emotional connection that you have to your marriage might make you try to delay things as much as possible. This is especially true if you were blindsided by the divorce. As difficult as it is, you will need to work through the emotions so that you can move the divorce forward without wasting any time.

You likely won't be able to fully heal before the divorce is finalized. Instead, you should just take the time to work on bettering yourself. Find activities that you enjoy and friends you can spend time with. Ultimately, those are things that can help as you move through the divorce process.

Mandatory waiting period for divorces

In California, people have to wait at least six months from the date that the divorce petition is filed to get the final divorce order. There aren't any ways that you can get around this mandatory waiting period.

On top of the mandatory waiting period, you need to ensure that you meet residency requirements. This includes state residency and country residency. For the state requirement, either you or your ex must reside within California for the six months prior to the filing. You must also live in the county in which you plan to file for three months.

Negotiations for the divorce settlement

The time it takes for you to work through the negotiations with your ex will likely extend the time it takes for your divorce to be finalized. This is especially true if you can't work things out.

You have several matters that you need to consider for the settlement. Spousal support, child custody and property division are other aspects of the divorce that you need to work through. Even if it isn't one of the most pleasant things you are going to do, you need to make it a priority so that you aren't the reason the divorce is prolonged.

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