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Although many consider divorce to be the end of one part of an individual's life, it is also the beginning of a new chapter. With that in mind, those going through marriage dissolution need to ensure that they adequately plan for their post-divorce life. This usually begins when the divorce petition is filed, at the latest. Important family law matters like alimony, child custody, and child support can play an integral role in this planning, but property division may be the biggest hurdle to those confronting a high-asset divorce.

In these dissolutions, individuals must ensure that all assets and liabilities are accounted for and properly valued. Then, negotiations can begin. Many cases can be resolved through frank conversations and agreement, but others cannot, thereby requiring litigation. Regardless of which route one's case takes, it is imperative that they are prepared for the critically important fight ahead of them.

The legal team at the Law Office of Janice Munoz is dedicated to helping these individuals untangle the complexities that often accompany marriage and divorce. We not only give our clients the individualized attention they deserve, but we also diligently work to ensure that their rights to certain property are as protected as is possible. We make sure our clients are fully informed as to the financial ramifications of their options, then zealously advocate for them in at the negotiating table and in the courtroom.

In the end, we want our clients to walk away from their divorce with confidence that their new life will possess the financial stability they need. We therefore take a holistic approach in these matters, helping individuals see and defend against claims of alimony, property division, and child support. No two cases are the same, though, so those who want to learn more about what a qualified family law team like ours can do for them should take the next step to obtain more information.

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