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November 2017 Archives

Millennial divorces may be seen in a different light

As the definition of marriage continues to change over time, so, too, does the way that couples divorce. Oftentimes, these differences fall along generational lines. Generally speaking, many view the millennial generation as less loyal to their significant others than older generations. Some experts point to the fact that only about a quarter of all millennials are married as evidence of this point. Regardless of whether this fact is true, it still remains that those millennials who decide to get married and/or divorced need to find a way to go about it in the matter best suited to their circumstances.

Cohabitation agreement may ease property division disputes

Over the last couple of decades, divorce rates seem to be declining. With millennials coming of age, many of them have chosen to put marriage on the back burner to allow them the time and energy to focus on their careers. Yet, even those Redondo residents who aren't married can find themselves facing significant family law issues. This often occurs when a couple has been living together for a significant period of time without getting married.

Proposed tax change could make divorce more expensive

Family law is one area of the legal field that tends to remain fairly consistent. While other legal realms such as criminal law are subject to change with the enactment of new statutes or the rulings of higher courts, family law rarely sees these significant changes. However, sometimes changes that may seem unrelated to divorce can actually wind up having a major impact on those who are considering marriage dissolution.

Disconnect in perception of marital tension may indicate divorce

It's not uncommon for relationships to sour. In fact, a significant number of marriages end in divorce. Statistics regarding the frequency of divorce are abundant, but it has been a little more difficult for researchers to pinpoint why, exactly, divorce occurs. One recently released study hoped to shine light on the subject.

Professional help for child custody disputes

Traditionally, the law favors mothers when it comes to child custody issues. Pursuant to birth, mothers are given custody from the get-go, and fathers can only obtain parental rights once paternity is established. Yet, even once paternity is established, some work may need to be done to ensure that a man can secure the relationship he desires with his child. When the parents are unmarried, this may mean taking action in court to obtain visitation and, in some cases, filing a petition to establish and/or modify custody.


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