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September 2017 Archives

What does a judge consider when deciding alimony?

Many Californians find themselves giving up their education and careers in order to raise a family or further the needs of their spouse. While this may help a family develop in accordance with the couple's values, it can severely hinder that individual's earning power. Of course, if the marriage continues and he or she continues to be supported while caring for the family, then the issue never becomes a problem. But when a divorce occurs, this matter, which may have been ongoing for years or even decades, can suddenly redefine that individual's post-divorce life.

Family law advocate may help in child custody dispute

Just about any topic can be broken down into statistics and calculations. Family law is no different. As we discussed last week, new research has shown that joint child custody arrangements may prove most beneficial for children. Yet, no two child custody disputes are the same. Where one couple may be able to amicably agree to share legal and physical custody, each party to another case may feel that his or her child is seriously endangered while in the care and custody of the other. In these instances, sole custody may be sought.

Study finds that joint custody arrangements benefit kids

It goes without saying that divorce can be extremely difficult on children in Redondo Beach.. Their once stable home where they enjoyed time with both parents will be divided into two homes with limited visitation with one or both parents. Of course, divorce is oftentimes what is best not only for couples, but also for their children. Yet, to ensure a child's well-being, it is crucial that parents find a child custody and visitation agreement that they feel furthers their child's best interests.

Dividing debt through divorce

There is a lot to consider when a couple decides to get a divorce. For example, he or she must figure out how a child custody arrangement may affect his or her time and relationship with his or her child. Another major consideration of marriage dissolution is property division. Although many Californians think of this process as merely equally dividing marital assets amongst the parties, this isn't the case.

Custody modification in California

Settling child custody during divorce can be one of the most challenging, emotionally charged issues the parties can face. After all, each parent usually has a way they think their child should be raised, and those ideas aren't always compatible with one another. This can lead to heated child custody and visitation arguments that are difficult, although not impossible, to settle through negotiations. Yet, regardless of whether the matter is resolved through negotiations or litigation, the resolution often isn't permanent.


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