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Divorce case shows impact of alimony

Marriage dissolution can be made up of many challenging legal issues, the outcomes of which can redefine an individual's life post-divorce. This may include how much time an individual can spend with his or her child, while leaving them afraid for their financial security. This can be especially true for those who have given up the development of their professional lives in order to take care of duties at home. A divorce can leave these people facing a significantly diminished income without much of an ability to maintain their standard of living. It is under these circumstances that an individual may want to consider seeking alimony.

To see just how big of an impact spousal support can have on one's life, one need only look at the ongoing divorce between the founder of Cancer Centers for America and his wife. According to reports, the owner of the Centers is worth at least tens of millions of dollars. His wife is now seeking $400,000 a month in spousal support. During closing arguments before a judge, the owner's attorneys offered $9,000 a month, plus $450,000 in order for his former wife to find appropriate housing.

Although the couple had a prenuptial agreement, an exact amount of alimony to be paid was not specified. Instead, it only indicated that it would be negotiated once the couple had been married for a particular period of time. The couple has been married since 1991.

Regardless of which side of an alimony dispute an individual falls, the matter can have a serious financial impact. Therefore, when the matter cannot be settled amongst the parties, it may be smart to gather a legal team to help develop strong legal arguments to avoid significant financial losses that could cause one's post-divorce life to be much less secure than hoped.

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