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In the lives of California residents, divorce can be a pivotal moment. Deciding to divorce can be one of the biggest decisions they will ever make. Although it can be, at times, a scary prospect -- there may be many unknowns when it comes to divorce -- it can also be a positive development. After all, no one in a marriage that is going really well would decide to divorce. Usually, spouses will give it an honest try before deciding to split up permanently.

However, oftentimes, couples do not really think through the logistics before beginning the divorce process. Divorce can involve many family law issues -- child custody and validation, complex property division, child support and alimony (spousal support), and the like. Every divorce is unique, and every divorce will involve its own combination of family law issues.

Of course, most people want these family law issues to play out in a way that is fair and desirable. Some may put a lot of weight into the property division aspect of divorce, wanting to protect certain assets and ensuring that assets with both sentimental and monetary value do not fall into the hands of the other spouse. Some may desire to have a certain outcome for child custody -- they may need to fight for sole or joint custody of a child. Others may need to fight a child support decision -- either requesting a modification or issuing an order, demanding that the other spouse pays.

Southern California family law attorney Janice Munoz is here to help with whatever family law issues you may be facing. With compassion and careful consideration, Janice Munoz helps her clients sort out the many issues involved in divorce and fight for a favorable outcome.

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