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A look at child custody in California

For California residents who are about to enter into a divorce, there can be many uncertainties weighing heavy on their minds. There are many divorce issues to settle, including alimony, property division and the like. And for divorcing couples with children, these issues can prove to be even more contentious. Especially with children involved, it is not uncommon for there to be a number of disagreements that can quickly become heated. This is why it is often important to devise a strong legal strategy so that the best case scenario can be fought for.

What is a "no fault" divorce?

For California residents about to enter into a divorce, there are many questions that can arise in the process. Divorce involves many components -- e.g., property division, child support, child custody, alimony and the like -- and all of these individual components contain their own unique complexities. Divorcing spouses may begin to wonder what they can do to make sense of the various financial, logistical and emotional details of divorce. Thankfully, attorneys are available to assist with these questions.

Records to keep for alimony cases

Divorce can be a challenging time in the lives of California residents. Not only are there the emotional challenges that come with separating from a long- or short-term partner, but there are also many logistical concerns. Planning for a divorce often means planning for such divorce issues as child custody, child support, property division and alimony, or child support. Alimony, in particular, can bring forth many questions and confusions and some may not know whether or not they qualify for spousal support.

How does legal custody differ from physical custody?

Both legal and physical custody may be shared between divorcing parents. Either may also be granted solely to one parent if a court determines that such a separation of parental rights is necessary to serve a child's best interests. While physical custody concerns where a California child will live, legal custody concerns which of the child's parents will have decision-making power over the important aspects of the child's life.


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