Mediation And Collaboration: Successful Family Law Techniques

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In the state of California, there are different ways to dissolve a marriage or resolve a family law matter. The traditional method of going to court and allowing a judge to make decisions regarding child custody, alimony and property is one way. Dispute resolution methods, like mediation and collaboration, are two alternative ways - methods I actively encourage.

What Is Mediation?

Mediation is a proceeding where a neutral third-party mediator helps a divorcing couple reach an agreement outside of court. The mediator helps exchange information and concerns between the parties, and negotiates and finds creative solutions.

With this method, the parties control the process, who will be involved and when. In the end, the parties come to an agreement, enforceable and binding under the law like a traditional contract.

Understanding Collaboration

Collaboration is conducted outside of the presence of a family law judge as well. Instead of a third-party mediator, there are many people involved. Each party is represented by counsel with financial experts, child and marital therapists and other professionals close by to help with the collaboration process.

The team essentially works together to come to a resolution on all of the issues.

Why I Encourage These Methods

I am family law attorney Janice Munoz and I often encourage my clients to pursue mediation or collaboration to settle matters involved in their divorce.

Such approaches are often more economical and end in happier results because clients have a say in the outcome of their divorce.

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