Debt Negotiation Strategies That Get Results

Are you drowning in debt after an expensive divorce or hospitalization for a serious personal injury?

At the Law Office of Janice Munoz in Redondo Beach, clients from all walks of life in Southern California receive sound, careful guidance on negotiations and settlement of debt.

Working with McCarthy Law, PLC, skilled debt relief attorney Janice Munoz uses her 13 years of experience to wisely advise clients who have fallen on hard financial times. She expertly utilizes a process that involves tallying total income, property owned and money owed, precise budget calculations and contact with creditors — efforts that result in negotiation of a settlement amount or lower monthly payment.

If you have been considering a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 personal bankruptcy filing, you should know that consumer bankruptcy often creates more problems than it solves. Using debt negotiation and settlement instead of bankruptcy will lessen the negative impact on your credit rating. Additionally, many debts can be eliminated in a much shorter time span than bankruptcy. The cost, time and effort required are frequently much lower than filing a bankruptcy.

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