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Certain jobs lead to increased chance of divorce

It doesn't take a scientist to realize that many factors can contribute to a divorce. Infidelity, financial woes, and a general loss of feeling for each other can all leave couples looking for a way out of their marriage. Interestingly enough, studies have found that certain factors can increase one's likelihood for divorce. Amongst those are the type of job that an individual holds.

How to minimize the impact of divorce on children

Divorce is rarely easy. Splitting couples often find themselves arguing over pertinent family law issues such as property division, alimony, child support, and child custody, which can cause the emotional and financial pressures to swell. During this time it can be difficult to control one's emotions. However, especially when children are involved, the approach one takes in a marriage dissolution can have a long-lasting impact.

The case for prenups

He popped the question; you said yes. Life is going pretty good for you and your fiancé. You've now set a date, you're working on the intimidating stack of things that need to be done to plan your wedding. The last thing on your mind is thinking about a future without your loved one. Yet the sad reality throughout the United States, including many residents in and near Redondo Beach, California, is that approximately half of all marriages ultimately end in divorce.

Property and divorce in California

Divorce does not just mean separating from your spouse, it also means potentially separating from your property. After more than twenty years of marriage, you and your husband have built a substantial portfolio that includes stocks, bonds, retirement accounts and real estate. Now that you are considering divorce, you worry about what will happened to what you consider to be your share of the marital property.

A divorce settlement can help you skip a trial

Not all divorces have to see the inside of a courtroom. Even though you and your husband own some high-value assets such as a second home, investment accounts and even a family business, you do not have to let a judge decide which one of you gets what in the divorce. Instead, you and your future ex can negotiate a fair settlement without ever stepping into the courtroom.

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