Recognizing The Emotional And Financial Struggles You Face

Finding Solutions That Cause The Least Amount Of Stress, Strain And Anxiety

I am attorney Janice Munoz and I assist individuals in and around Redondo Beach, California, with a wide variety of family law matters including divorce, child support, alimony, property division and debt management.

As a lawyer practicing family law for over the course of a decade, I have seen firsthand the emotional and financial struggles individuals who are facing a divorce, a child-related matter or family issue must deal with.

My approach to the practice of family law is simple: I strive to find resolutions that cause the least amount of strain, stress and anxiety to you and your family. In many cases, it means finding solutions through alternative dispute resolution methods instead of traditional means.

"Many clients have said they feel positive coming out of the situation when I help them." - Janice Munoz

Uncovering Family Law Resolutions Through Collaboration And Mediation

Instead of litigation, mediation and collaboration are two alternative ways to negotiate family law matters. With these methods, you are given a choice, a say in the outcome of the final decision, not forced into something by a judge far removed from your situation or needs.

When you meet with me, I can speak with you in greater detail about the various alternative dispute resolution (ADR) options and how they can help. If for some reason, ADR isn't a viable option, I carry extensive litigation experience. I am always prepared for court if the need to litigate your issues should arise.

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Learn more about collaboration and mediation and the benefits they offer.


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